How Beluga Whale Interacting with Kids – video

Very curious is the video showing a beluga specimen interacting with some children. Even if the video looks funny with the playful animal, it would always be better not to annoy these animals too much. Although seeing them face to face in the glass of an aquarium can be very exciting, we still remain with the idea that these and all other animals must remain free in the tides and oceans:

The beluga population currently existing in the wild is estimated to be around 100,000. Although this number is much higher than the number of specimens of other cetaceans, it has decreased compared to the period before the start of hunting these animals. There are believed to be 40,000 individuals in the Beaufort Sea, 25,045 in Hudson Bay, 18,500 in the Bering Sea and 28,000 in the Canadian Arctic. If there is one important thing to teach children, it is to make it clear that animals are not toys or attractions and should be admired in their natural environment. The link to the video shot in an aquarium:

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