Heavy Sounds Thunderstorm | Relaxing Rain, Thunder and Lightning Ambience for Sleep |- link HD Nature

Even the sound of a strong storm can be relaxing: the pouring rain and the sound of lightning in the distance could in fact trigger positive natural mechanisms , inducing our brain to initiate a faster and more effective relaxation phase. The author of a video recommends letting this calming storm made of natural sounds flow to create a soothing environment for relaxation in your home:

We are referring to a video starring rain , thunder and lightning filmed in HD which will help relax and calm your mind and body so that you can fall into a deep sleep and have a blissful nights sleep. The sounds of nature are in fact associated with less stress and anxiety levels, which encourages your body to rest, heal, and rejuvenate. Some people are even convinced that thunder and lightning from rainstorms are one of the most fascinating and relaxing phenomena that nature can offer us. Let the ambient sounds of this heavy storm and rain help you! This storm video also provides great opportunities to introduce ideal sounds to multiple positive activities, such as meditation, study, reiki and day spa. The link to the video:

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