Five planets line up, the astronomical event visible to the naked eye in June 2022

In June 2022 , as many as five of our solar system were visible to the naked eye from our homes:

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Specifically, as pointed out by the experts, Mercury , Venus , Mars , Jupiter and Saturn – have aligned themselves in the sky. The astronomical event began with Mercury (which is an average of 58 million kilometers or 36 million miles from the Sun) and then ended with Saturn (an average of 1.4 billion kilometers or 886 million miles from the Sun). ). Clearly visible in the Eastern Hemisphere, the alignment peaked between June 3 and June 4, 2022 , when the separation between Mercury and Saturn was at its lowest: only 91 degrees. A phenomenon destined to continue until June 27, 2022:

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At the end of the month, the separation between the planets involved will increase to 107 degrees and the waning crescent moon should appear between Venus and Mars (you might even think of it as a substitute for Earth). With a little luck, it will also be possible to notice Neptune and Uranus. However, the phenomenon will be more visible in some areas of the world (such as the United States ) than in others). Furthermore, it must always be remembered that the presence of clouds and / or atmospheric pollution can contribute negatively, significantly reducing visibility from the ground. However, thanks to the web, it is possible to analyze this spatial event also by viewing some videos. In this regard, we want to share some links with you:


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