How to make zucchini crepes without frying and without oven – VIDEO recipe

Do you have a lot of zucchini available but you don’t know how to cook them? With just a few ingredients you can make delicious crepes . To prepare them, you won’t need to fry them or even use the oven. All you need is a pan, a little patience and these ingredients:

– a courgette;
– some salt;
– pepper;
– oil;
– 3 eggs;
_ parsley;
_ an onion;
– 3 tablespoons of flour.

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Preparing your courgette-based crepes will be very simple: blend the onion and courgette , add the other ingredients and start from time to time to introduce part of the dough on a non-stick pan lightly greased with oil. Just let it cook for a few seconds, lightly toasting your crepes before removing it and replacing it with the remaining dough, until you create several crepes of the same type. Once finished, you can fill them at will! In this regard, we report below the link to the video-recipe spread on YouTube:

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