How to recycle the Easter egg holder base, here are original and creative ideas

Easter has now passed and often the egg cup found in the chocolate eggs is thrown away, but it can come in very handy! There are many creative ways to use it here are some ideas to recycle it:

A desk pen holder Just clean it well of any chocolate residues and decorate it with colours, tempera, stickers and everything your imagination suggests. You could also drill holes in the sides and attach a string for hanging.

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A plant holder: It could be used as a small vase for our plants, also in this case you can decorate the outside as you like and insert soil and plant inside.

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An original basket or centrepiece: It could be decorated with an Easter theme and filled with chocolate eggs, or decorated as desired or created a floral centrepiece, to decorate our table in spring.

A candle holder: By cutting the upper part of the egg holder, a candle or a small LED light can be inserted inside, the outside can be decorated as desired, perhaps with tissue paper or other materials.

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Create a toy for children: You can use the egg cup as the basis of the body of a puppet or a pet to create with children, adding color, ears. thing and so on. Free rein for creativity.

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