The cat “surrenders” to the ducklings and the bunny: they all sleep together in the same box – video

In a natural context, a feline would easily prey on recently born birds and other small animals such as rabbits. However, in a way not very different from how dogs do , even domestic cats , in a home context, tend – in some circumstances – to “surrender” to the comfortable home life offered by their human friends, accepting the idea of being able to take a nap with animals of other species. This is the case of a video – which quickly went viral on social media and YouTube – showing a cat sharing a wooden box with many ducklings and even a bunny . The link to the video below:

To be honest, the episode just mentioned does not represent an “exceptional case” but only one of many similar cases documented through other videos released on the web. In this regard, we report below the links to the videos:

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