How to share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to Android

How many times has it happened that, at home, a friend or family member asked us for the password of our Wifi line but we could not immediately provide the password due to forgetfulness and due to the restrictions of Apple branded devices ? The question then arises: is it possible to share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to another device with an Android system ? The answer is yes. That’s how:

To facilitate the matter, for example, it is important to remember that it is in fact possible to send the password from an iPhone to a device running on Android system . This is a rather simple operation that will allow us to transfer the password without writing it using a QrCode that will be created specifically for our needs . In this way, it will be possible to send our password to anyone without risking that someone can steal it from under our noses! Taking into consideration that iPhones have particularly restrictive functions to protect the privacy of their users, to carry out the operation it will be necessary to use an appdedicated. The application will then create a secure QR code for the Wi-Fi password. Here are the steps to take:

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Download a free app for the operation. We, for example, used Qrafter from the App Store.
Once installed, launch the app and then tap the Create button .
Then select the Wi-Fi Network option.
Enter your Wi-Fi SSID and password in the next step. It is important to remember the password for this operation.
Now tap on the Preview Content option. The application will show you a mockup with the code in QR code format .
Finally, tap on the Create button again to create your custom QR Code.

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The QR code will be shared in the gallery of your iPhone and therefore also shareable with Android devices . If you have a jailbroken iPhone , you can use the WiFiQR tweak to share your Wi-Fi network password. If you have an Android device, you will need to point its camera at the Qr Code to take advantage of the Wifi line. Another question concerns security . Are we sure that this method is safe for our devices and for our line? The answer:

By searching the net, we have verified that this action is quite safe. According to app developer Qrafter, using AES 256 mode when encrypting QR codes, the system ensures reliability and security. Sharing the QR Code with the password will thus allow the Wifi to work quickly both for an iPhone and for a smartphone or tablet with Android system.

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