How to survive a komodo dragon attack and why running zigzags might help you – VIDEO

If you hear strange noises while visiting Komodo Island , getting close to their source could prove deadly. This is because you may come face to face with the largest and most dangerous lizard in the world:

Often, the so-called “Komodo dragons” (the largest monitor lizards in the world, capable of killing even buffaloes) can be lurking. As it starts charging towards you, you realize you’ve never seen a creature move this fast before. Faced with such scenarios, questions arise: is it possible to outrun a Komodo dragon? Why is their bite so dangerous? And why could zigzagging save your life? Let us try to answer these questions which could prove to be of vital importance should a close encounter with these large predatory reptiles occur:

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First of all, it should be remembered that the Komodo dragon (whose scientific name is Varanus komodoensis ) is a member of the Varanidae lizard family endemic to the Indonesian islands of Komodo , Rinca , Flores and Gili Motang. It is the largest lizard species in existence , growing to a maximum length of 3 meters (10 feet) and weighing up to approximately 70 kilograms (150 lbs). For this reason, you will hardly be able to find this animal in other places in the world (unless some specimens are kept in captivity elsewhere). This chestnut is capable of devouringup to 80% of the meat corresponding to its body weight and has a very powerful bite as well as poisonous:

In fact, in its mouth glands were found capable of secreting a mix of toxins with an anticoagulant effect that can cause lowering of blood pressure , muscle paralysis and induction of hypothermia , with possible shock and loss of consciousness in the prey. poisoned. It is an animal capable of killing any other creature: not surprisingly, among its prey there are also buffaloes , deer and … in some cases, even humans . In 2007 a child bled to death from the bite of one of these animals, while a fruit collector –Muhamad Anwar – losing his balance, was devoured by a herd of Komodo monitor lizards after falling from a tree. Despite the drama of these events, it is however appropriate to remember how these episodes represent a very low percentage of attacks by monitor lizards against humans :

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there have been very few human victims in over 30 years of monitoring. In 1980 , the Komodo National Park was born on the islands , founded to help protect these primeval-looking creatures. If in the company of expert and authorized personnel, it is possible to observe these animals even at a distance of a few meters, as documented in this video:

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Should you unexpectedly find yourself in front of one of these animals, know that the zigzag run will confuse the Komodo dragon who will probably prefer to avoid the chase. This happens because with its large body, larger reptile species can reach maximum speeds of 18-20 km per hour for just a few seconds. An overly difficult run will cause the reptile to give up and let you go. Similar advice is also reported in a video released on the web:

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