How to create “dinosaur eggs” with ice, an educational game for children to be prepared by adults at home – VIDEO tutorial

some simple plastic dinosaurs for children (product available on Amazon Italy)

Do your children like dinosaurs and summer is approaching? Good. At this point, you might consider creating a game that’s easy to prepare, inexpensive , and even potentially educational:

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We are talking about the creation of ” eggs ” made with ice inside which you can introduce a dinosaur doll, in order to make the little ones understand that some animals – including large extinct animals – reproduce through eggs . For this creation it will not be necessary to spend a lot of money! To make this potentially educational game you will need three simple things:

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-a little water for the ice ;
– a common balloon used for parties;
– a dinosaur doll (or other figures also for sale online ) made of solid and resistant material ;
– a freezer .

To create the game, just introduce the chosen puppet (tyrannosaurus, pteranodon, triceratops, velociraptor and so on and so forth …!) Inside the balloon, inserting it completely in such a way that it acts as a wrapper for the toy. It will then be necessary to inflate the balloon with air so that the doll can unglue and create the right condition for sufficient space to introduce the water. You will not have to tie any knots as, after being inflated, the balloon will be deflated. Once you have done this first operation, you will need to fill the balloon with water as follows:

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Once the balloon has been filled with both the doll of your choice and with water, all you have to do is tie it with a knot and put it in the freezer . After a few hours, the water inside the balloon should have frozen sufficiently. It will then be possible to go out and call your child to watch the “discovery”! Through a hammer or a tool capable of breaking the ice (otherwise, we could also hypothesize the use of hot water ) your child will have fun breaking the ice to discover the animal kept inside. Through this game it will therefore be possible to introduce to the child the concept of oviparous animals , as well as the excavation work ofpaleontologists . Warnings : the use of potentially dangerous tools could cause accidental injury to your children and for this reason it is very important that they play in the company of their parents. Everything must be done while guaranteeing safety (therefore, no electrical appliances near a water-based game!). Finally, we remind you that the latex of the balloons, if used improperly, can be very dangerous for both people and animals and therefore, once used, it must always be disposed of in the appropriate waste collection bins and NEVER dispersed in the environment. In this regard, we report below the link to a video disseminated on the web:

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