What would happen if the planets of the solar system lined up?

That the planets can be aligned is not impossible, very difficult, but not impossible. just a few weeks ago 5 planets of our solar system aligned: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. This will happen no earlier than 2040. But what if it happens with all 8 planets in the solar system ?

Let’s say that thinking that planets are perfectly lined up is practically impossible, because you have to consider the point of view from which you look at the “line” . For example, planets may be in perfect alignment when viewed from Earth, but not when viewed from another planet. And another thing to take into consideration is that the term “aligned” does not mean that we are perfectly positioned one behind the other, but that they are grouped in the same area.

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Each planet has different orbits and therefore this is unlikely to happen, the Belgian astronomer Jean Meeus , defined “aligned” the planets that are in the same direction and that are located at 1.8 ° between them.

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An example are Mercury, Venus and Earth which only align every 39.6 years. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, on the other hand, can only do this every 396 billion years. According to the calculations on May 6, 2492, all the planets will be aligned, even if they should not be in the least straight line. But what if that happens?

NASA argues that even if all the planets were to all be aligned in a straight line, nothing in particular should happen. In all likelihood, ocean tides could rise almost imperceptibly by one twenty-fifth of a millimeter.

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