Spring-wound fan: works without electricity like grandfather’s old clock – video

With a nod to old spring-wound watches , even the functioning of some vintage fans is making us think a lot:

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Made in Switzerland by the company E. Paillard & Co. in the 10s of the last century, these fans – mostly intended for tropical countries or in any case in areas that were not covered by the electricity grid at the time – could guarantee a full charge autonomy of about 30 minutes :

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As with grandfather’s old pendulum clock, these tools (since we can’t call them household appliances !) had to be wound manually to trigger the slow but effective mechanical mechanism made of hard but “faithful” gears . A vintage invention that could perhaps be dusted off in modern contexts to meet the problems caused by the energy crisis. The link to the video:

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According to what is learned, Paillard was mainly famous for its fine music boxes and phonographs . The company was also producing stirling cycle hot air blowers at about the same time.

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