A 38,000-year-old statue and the mystery of the ‘Lion Man’

The statue in question is about 38,000 years old, it can be called one of the oldest sculptures in the world. She has been named The Lion Man , precisely because she appears to have a human body and a lion’s head. But what can it actually depict? How come man 38,000 years ago depicted such a thing? Surely this is a question that bounces in the heads of archaeologists and scholars:

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Ice age art, hybrid creature “Lion man” by LAD BW on Sketchfab

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This statue recalls if we will, the Egyptian deities seen the animal head and the human body, but the strange thing is that there are no other Egyptian statuettes dating back more than 5,000 years ago . In theory, 38,000 years ago , human beings did not know what a divinity was, perhaps they created such a thing because they were fascinated by the natural elements, but they could hardly think of the concept of “divine” .

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The figurine was found in Germany , but something similar has also been found in Indonesia on remains dating back to around 40,000 years ago . Hunting scenes have been depicted with people who hunt together with these “beings”:

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reconstruction carried out in 1988

Most likely it was something that the man depicted and that he could not fully understand, something present all over the world from Europe to Indonesia. These figures later became “divine” and represented after 30,000 in Ancient Egypt.

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