How to prevent Alzheimer’s with a simple exercise

The brain is one of the most important organs of every living being. Above all in the human being, this is responsible for the very important role. Thanks to him we can learn new things, carry out daily activities, etc. We can say that the brain processes information most of the time. Now, like any other muscle, the brain must also be trained. In this way we keep it in good condition. The memorandum and the nervous system benefit more from this. The question is: how can we exercise the brain? Next, we leave you all the details.

Train your memory and attention

Recently, a certain person went to a conference of the very famous medical scientist Tatyana Vladimirovna. During the meeting she learned a simple technique that is very effective in the fight against Alzheimer’s and brain training.

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Significantly, Tatyana’s exercise is attributed to the contribution of the ancient Greeks, not her discovery. As we know, the ancient Greek community has made a great contribution to science and culture. Its essence is present in literature, architecture, mathematics, politics, etc. Who is responsible for processing all this information? the answer is obvious: the brain.

However, we must recognize that the mind, like any other organ, can be damaged. If due to the passage of time, poor or simply unused diet can negatively affect. All of this can lead us to develop Alzheimer’s without even knowing it.

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What is Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer’s is a disease in the form of dementia that is very common in older people. According to recent statistics, 1 in 5 people suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that has no cure. However, this does not mean we should throw away the tolla. This is true even when we are at an age close to retirement.

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Currently, there are many methods that can help us to deal with Alzheimer’s. We want to show you one of these very effective and that will leave you speechless for the results. Pay attention to the following information to make the most of it.

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Train your memory and your nervous system
This exercise is so simple that it can be done without previous preparation. “Memory training should be like a game, rather than a torture,” says Tatyana. This exercise consists of: the night before you sleep, remember everything that has happened to you since you got up. You should close your eyes, but do not fall asleep.

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Take all the time to remember all the details of each event, even if they are very small details. For example, if you wear shoes when you get out of bed, if you went to the bathroom and brush your teeth, what color was the brush, what did you eat for breakfast or where you looked. It is very necessary that you order everything in your mind in chronological order.

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This simple exercise will instruct memory, attention, awareness and the neural network. In the case of the nervous system, it is very good to listen to classical music, natural sounds, jazz or ethnic melodies. And scientists also agree that listening to music is the best way to tidy up.

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Activate your mind
To prevent Alzheimer’s, it is better to keep the mind active. Remember that it is very important to constantly train the brain to avoid senile dementia. To train such a complex organ, it will take desire, effort and discipline. But it’s worth it, because it strengthens the nerves, keeps the blood vessels healthy and improves memory.

There are several simple and effective exercises that slow down the sclerosis of brain cells and prevent Alzheimer’s:

1. Morning and evening every morning in the fresh air walk for a quick hour: walking can exercise the lower part of the muscle tension, increase the absorption of oxygen, help stimulate the brain cells, prevent the degeneration of brain cells, dementia Prevention, ideal performance.

2. finger movements often make gymnastics of the mind: they always make meticulous fingers fingertips activities, such as arts and crafts, sculpture, drawing, paper cutting, typing, as well as with a finger playing an instrument, it has been extended to allow blood flow to the brain, promote blood circulation, effective massage of the brain, can help the brain to stimulate the prevention of dementia.

3. With fingers balls or nuts frequently rotating, or stretching fist movement with both hands: “finger is the most important part of the brain” (Kant language). Like regular exercise, it can stimulate the nerve of the cerebral cortex, promote good blood circulation, increase mental flexibility, delay the aging of brain cells, can prevent dementia.

movement of rotation around the neck

4. Form of Achievement: not only can this movement become smooth rotation of the spine, the vertebrae preventing the elderly suffering from impairment of cerebral arterial circulation disorder, cerebral ulterior delay arteriosclerosis, senile dementia prevention effect. The method is first from left to right neck slowly rotate one hundred turns, then the head and neck rotation from right to left hundred rounds, anywhere and anytime to do, simple method, the effect is remarkable.

Now that you know, do not hesitate to fully develop your brain and predict the early onset of Alzheimer’s. At the beginning it might take a while to do this exercise, but then you will get used to it. If you think this information can help someone else, share it on your social networks.