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How to freeze glass jars without breaking them

Frozen foods often can not last long in a natural way and we can not always go looking for them frequently. It is therefore necessary to freeze seasonal products to make them available later.

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However, the problem is often related to the use of containers, trays or plastic bottles to hold food and drinks in the freezer or freezer; and plastic can release substances such as free radicals, which are harmful to health. In addition, glass is reusable and glass containers are a preferable alternative to plastic.

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The only difficulty with this material is that if a glass container is filled to the top with liquid, it can explode when the contents increase in size during the freezing phase. With these precautions, you could still use the glass avoiding the explosion:

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1. Wide use of jars with elongated mouth to freeze beans, beans, peas, peas, or legumes. In addition, you should leave 4 centimeters of vacuum to continue to enter the contents, so as to allow expansion without danger. Freezing these foods rich in vegetable protein is the simplest and best solution to make them always available.

2. Also leave 4 or 5 cm of space in the free container when it sauces freeze, fruit pulp or liquid. A bottle is always better, especially when the contents are thick, because the glass can break if the contents expand laterally. Once thawed, it will not be possible to freeze them again.

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3. To freeze ripe fruit, peel and cut the jars without storage lid. Some do not recover their original quality when thawed, but it can be useful, for example, to save them for making ice cream in the summer with memories of all seasons.

4. Tomatoes can not be frozen but if, for example, you have cultivated them a little in your garden and left your production, you can dehydrate them and freeze them in a jar with a little extra space.

5. To freeze broths and other liquid fluids it would be appropriate to use the bottles, but remember to leave a quarter or a third of the bottle to prevent it from exploding during dilatation. It is important to keep in portions, because when we defrost can not be refrozen.

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6. The bread, biscuits and cakes can be stored in the freezer without using any container, or they can be wrapped in a cloth with beeswax to make them baked.

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