Why do couples talk to each other like a child? Everything has an explanation …

Many times, couples have this peculiar custom. They talk to each other in a childish voice, as if they were little babies. An attitude that seems sweet, but has a reason for being. Have you ever wondered why couples talk in children’s voices? We will give a peculiar explanation, since according to science this has a special reason . That is, it is not random behavior.

There are various habits in relationships. Sometimes, it falls into cheese or somehow “ridiculous”. One of these customs is to speak to each other in the voice of small children, or to simulate the behavior of a child. The above is quite common among couples. It also happens between people of different cultures and customs. Hence, it means that it goes beyond something established in a given culture or space. Why does this happen? Why speak as if they were babies? It is something that science has wanted to answer, accepting that it is a typical behavior of the unions between humans and is part of courtship.

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Assuming that this is a generalized behavior, it happens that some psychologists have investigated this matter. Apparently, there are quite understandable reasons for this way of speaking. First, the function of a couple is usually procreation. Therefore, the similar sound of a child is a factor that tests the abilities of both in this situation. That is, pretending to have a child.

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On the other hand, humans are conditioned to react in a certain way to the presence of a newborn. They had an attitude of tenderness and protection, which we cannot avoid in any way. Indeed, speaking like a small child awakens that kind of feeling in the couple. The neurotransmitters linked to the protection of affection then begin to function ; which is one of the important links in any relationship.

In turn, both maternal and paternal instincts are awakened. Likewise, the real intention of starting a family is taking shape. All this happens with the simple sound of an imitation of a child’s voice. Furthermore, these behaviors have been said to respond to certain erotic fetishes . Maybe it can be true. The question is that it suggests a mind linked to the procreation and care of children, the reason for a family.

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If so, it is no coincidence that human couples tend to choose the sound of a baby as something to imitate during their interactions. As we indicated earlier, it is a generalized custom in many cultures. You might also be interested in: Some viruses make us more appetizing for mosquitoes, according to a new study. Do you agree with the psychologists’ approaches regarding this problem? Well, apparently there are reasons that support this way of acting. You did it? Did you talk like a child to your partner?

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