Washing machine, never make this very serious mistake with the laundry: you destroy your lungs

Washing the laundry in the washing machine is something that requires a lot of work on the part of those who usually do it at home. It takes a lot of care and attention to be able to have a clean and fragrant laundry. Even drying clothes after washing them requires a lot of attention, because often a mistake is made, which is underestimated, but which can affect the health of the lungs.

There are times of the year when we are practically forced to “hang out” our laundry on drying racks inside our homes. Usually it happens due to rain or high humidity and this implies that they cannot dry properly. Or another mistake is to put the laundry, especially in the winter season, on hot radiators. These are things we do without thinking too much, almost systematically. All this can cause risks for our health, especially for the respiratory system.

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Everything we do has a significant impact on our health, in the case of the use of damp clothes and the use of radiators for drying, this leads to the formation of mold and the proliferation of bacteria . The same thing involves hanging the laundry on the drying rack inside the house, a damp garment next to the other produces mold and bacteria.

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But why is mold so bad for our health?
It is particularly so for the respiratory tract of the elderly, children and weaker people. This can lead to asthma problems, coughing and in the most serious cases even persistent lung diseases.


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