Curing cancer and Alzheimer’s with substances found in coffee, the research of Turkish scientists

The substances identified in the common filter coffee could help medicine to identify new treatment techniques for some of the deadliest diseases in the world:

According to what has been learned, scientific research – signed by 13 Turkish scientists and supported by institutions such as Ankara University Biotechnology Institute , METU, Anadolu University and the Turkish Gastroenterology Association – has made it possible to detect for the first time which components of filter coffee could be effective in the treatment of cancer , confirming the beneficial effects:

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Effect of microRNAs on liver cancer cells:

In the study, ” exosome ” -like carriers , defined as ” natural cell vesicles responsible for communicating between cells in the human body so that cells can work harmoniously ” in coffee, were visualized with the help of the electron microscope, allowing researchers to identify 15 new microRNA chains. These microRNAs have been shown to suppress the reproduction of liver cancer cells . The results of this study are intended to shed light on new treatment methods against liver cancer and Alzheimer’s disease in the coming years. “We defined it for the first time in the world” –the Chairman of the working group on exosome of the hospital for children and adults Prof. Dr. Emin Kürekçi told the Anadolu Agency (AA) . The result of this research reminds us that not only humans, but also plant and animal cells communicate with each other and that this communication is achieved through nanometric-sized cargo molecules called exosomes . The authors of the scientific study say that the microRNAs in the exosome-like vectors in filter coffee were detected for the first time, and thus it was determined which substances in the coffee could take place in the mechanism of killing cancer cells. Kurekçi said:

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“Until now, coffee DNA has not been fully sequenced in the world. However, there was no complete information on coffee exosomes. To detect it, first, exosomes were isolated using the ‘size exclusion method’ which we developed in our research lab. Then, the microRNA in these exosomes was isolated. We defined the genetic material of these animals, which is a world first.”

As a result of the research, Turkish researchers established that coffee exosomes caused the death of liver cancer cells when applied in a concentrated form. Of course, to do this against cancer cells in daily life would require very heavy coffee consumption (but difficult) , so no one can drink 20 cups of coffee a day. Consequently, the main objective of the researchers will now be to continue this work and transform these components of coffee into a treatment tool , a medicine against cancer .

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“Coffee is known to have a protective effect against many diseases and cancer”

prof. Dr. Kurekçi said that in the research, the filter coffee obtained from the ” Coffea Arabica ” plant was subjected to a special roasting process and applied experimentally. Expressing his thanks to all the experts and institutions that contributed to the project, Kürkçi stressed that they are very happy and proud to bring the research to the scientific world. Kürkçi said, “The protective effect of coffee against many diseases and cancer is known. Based on our study and previous studies, we recommend healthy people to drink 3-4 cups of unsweetened filter coffee per day .

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