Fish discovered in the deepest marine point in the world: it is 8,336 meters deep, in the Guinness Book of Records – video

An Australian-Japanese team of scientists has released the deepest-ever images of the world’s deepest fish at a depth of 8,336 meters in a deep trench in southeast Japan :

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This world still has many hidden secrets. One of the mysteries that humans have yet to discover is only a small percentage of the deep sea world. Most recently, a team of researchers from the Deep Sea Research Center , Minderoo of the University of Western Australia in collaboration with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Exciting footage of deep sea exploration has been revealed:

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a deep-sea fish at 8,336 meters, which breaks the record for the deepest depth ever caught. For this species of fish It is a species of snail of the genus Pseudoliparis . which has a variety of habitats from shallow water to deep sea. A team of scientists using an automated underwater photographic device descended from the Izu-Ogasawara Trench . in southern Japan, stating that this group of snailfish is almost at its deepest point. as long as a fish can survive. Video links:

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The factor that the snail fish can live in this deep sea. because there is no airbag or fish jaws Attempting to contain the gas is extremely difficult at depths greater than 8,000 meters underwater, as the pressure is 800 times greater than at the surface. They use to suck their food. And eat various types of shellfish, which abound in the trenches. Also, snailfish have no scales. but has a layer of gelatin to reduce and resist high pressure. It is an adaptation to survive in the most hostile deep-sea environments. The previous record dates back to 2017, when a Mariana snail was found in a trench. Mariana at a depth of 8,178 meters. Video links:

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