In Italy sighted ring of fire 360 ​​km wide. The scientific explanation of the natural phenomenon of the “donut” sighted above Ancona

There is a scientific explanation regarding the sighting of a gigantic ” light donut ” sighted over the skies of the Province of Ancona , Italy :

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According to what is learned, in fact, a gigantic fiery red ring with a diameter of about 360 km ripped through the sky of Polverigi , in the province of Ancona , at the end of March 2023. It is Elves – which in Italian translates into ‘ elves ‘ – English acronym for Emission of light and very low frequency perturbations due to electromagnetic pulse sources (ie light emissions and very low frequency perturbations caused by electromagnetic pulse sources ). These are  natural phenomenavery rare and lasting a few thousandths of a second. Despite their rarity and very limited duration, someone managed to photograph them:

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Upper atmospheric lightning  and  ionospheric lightning are terms sometimes used by researchers to refer to a family of short-lived electrical outage  phenomena that occur well above normal lightning and storm cloud altitudes . Upper atmospheric lightning is thought to be electrically induced forms of   luminous plasma . The preferred use is  the transient luminous event (TLE), because the various types of electric discharge phenomena in the upper atmosphere lack several characteristics of the more familiar tropospheric lightning:  

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Transient luminous events have also been observed in far-ultraviolet images of Jupiter’s upper atmosphere, high above the altitude of lightning-producing water clouds. There are several types of TLE, the most common being sprites. Sprites are flashes of bright red light that occur above storm systems. C-sprites (short for “columniform sprites”) is the name given to vertical columns of red light:

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In the 1920s, Scottish physicist  CTR Wilson  predicted that electrical breakdown should occur in the atmosphere high above major thunderstorms. [4]  [5]  In the following decades, high-altitude electrical discharges were reported by aircraft pilots and predicted by  meteorologists  until the first direct visual evidence was documented in 1989. Several years later, the optical signatures of these events they were called “sprites” by researchers to avoid inadvertently implying physical properties that were, at the time, still unknown. The terms  sprite red  and  jet blue gained popularity after a video clip was released following an aircraft research campaign to study sprites in 1994.

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