Archaeologists discover 1,500-year-old Byzantine women’s sandals

A group of archaeologists has discovered a pair of women’s sandals dating back to the Byzantine era around 1,500 years adorned with an inscribed message in Greek, as reported by Ancient Origins :

“Use in health, lady, wear in beauty and happiness ,” reads the inscription. The find was made during an excavation at the port of Eleutherios , one of the ports of ancient Constantinople , the capital of the Byzantine Empire, located under today’s Yenikapi district of Istanbul, Turkey . Footwear of the time has commonly been found during excavations, including other sandals, slippers, and boots. Other types of clothing discovered have revealed that the Byzantines embraced color and pattern and exported expensive fabrics, especially Byzantine silk, which was woven and embroidered for the upper classes. The lower classes adorned dyed and printed clothing:

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Fashionistas and history buffs can find the shoes at the Istanbul Archeology Museum , where they are kept until a permanent home is found. The Byzantine period, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire, lasted over 1100 years, from 330 to 1453. Excavations of the capital of the Byzantine Empire began in 2004 and have revealed some 60,000 new historical aspects of Constantinople. In 2021, also recalls the “Rights Window “, a team of Turkish archaeologists found a 1,600-year-old fountain during the restoration of the ancient Boukoleon Palace, one of the oldest Byzantine-era structures in Istanbul.


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