How to be a good person

To be a good person is not enough to do things for others. Before you can put positive energy into the universe, you need to love and accept yourself. Try some of the following tips to help you become a better person.

Determine what it means, at least in your opinion, to be a good person. Some think that it is enough to avoid harming others. However, we must not only consider what we do not do, but also what we do for people. Being a good person also means helping yourself to the same extent that you help others. You have to determine what it means, in your opinion, to be a good person. What would your ideal person be? Make a list of the characteristics you consider necessary to be a good person. Start living according to these attributes.
Do you expect something in return? Do you take certain actions to appear or because you really want to give and help? Stop thinking about appearances and adopt a behavior that allows you to give without expecting to receive something in return:

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Being a good person doesn’t just mean being good. You have to consider the goodness of mind. Ultimately, you need to decide on your code of ethics and on the things you feel are important to being called a good person. Sometimes these things can conflict with the thinking of others and you could then be accused of being bad. Consider their point of view – they may know something you are not aware of and, in this case, you may learn something and “update” your morale or maybe they have limited experience (and in this case their opinion leaves time. that finds).

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Choose an example of life. This way you can have a point of reference. This person should have the characteristics you want to adopt. Think about how you might embody the qualities you admire. Think about how to apply them to your work, creative projects, personal relationships, nutrition and your lifestyle. Who do you look up to and why? What does this person do to improve the world and how can you imitate them? What features do you admire and how can you develop them yourself? Think of this person often, as if they were a friendly spirit who is always around you. Think about how he would answer a question or how he would react in a certain situation and try to imitate it.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You have to understand that there will always be better people than you and worse people. When you get depressed because you compare yourself to others, you waste time and energy that you could use to enrich your inner resources. Give yourself compliments every morning. If you are a happy person, then you will also be more optimistic, which will help you transmit positive vibes to the rest of the world. You have unique gifts and talents . Try to share them with the world rather than dwell on the talents of others.

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Love yourself. Learn to love yourself in every sense. Learn to accept yourself unconditionally. In order to truly love others, you must first believe in yourself and love yourself. What you accomplish and what you believe in must be good for yourself above all, not just for others. If you try to help people without taking care of yourself first, you will end up feeling resentful, angry, and pessimistic. If you love yourself, you will have a positive impact when you help others.
Do you behave like a good person only on the surface? If you hate yourself and feel anger inside, you are unlikely to be a good person, despite your actions.

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Be yourself. Remember this well: never be what you are not. Don’t try to look like someone else. You just have to be yourself and do good deeds in the simplest way possible. This allows you to be a genuine person, capable of transmitting positivity to the world. If you are faithful to your way of being, this will help you not to lose sight of the course, to understand your core values ​​and what really matters to you.
Try to be good for yourself. Don’t try to be a good person just because that’s what your parents want, because you think people will respect you more, or for any kind of personal satisfaction other than doing what you feel is right. Don’t feel superior to others and don’t brag about how “good” or “right” you are. Devoting yourself to a particular creed or ideology does not make you superior to others. Do what you feel is right in the way you believe and remember that it is a personal journey, unique for each individual.

Pray and / or meditate. Turning to a higher power or meditating can help you better cultivate the qualities you wish to embody. Meditation and prayer can allow you to find inner peace and focus on yourself . As your self-awareness will gradually increase, you will also understand what you really want and make your life clear. As you develop inner peace, you will feel more optimistic, which will help you become a better person.
Look for a private and safe place, free of distractions. Sit in a comfortable position. Free your mind of all thoughts, breathe deeply and slowly. Observe the thoughts flowing through your head. Don’t feel or react, just observe. If you start to lose focus, count to 10. Meditate until you feel purified and invigorated.

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Make small changes. Nobody can change overnight, but even small changes can make a huge difference in a good way. Set small goals to achieve once a month or every two months and focus on one or two key habits you want to change.
An example for the first goal: “I will listen to others without interrupting them verbally or in other ways.” Remember that situations in which a person talks and the interlocutor begins to move his lips as if he were about to intervene are extremely annoying.
Second goal: “I’ll do my best to consider what would make another person happy.” You could share food or drink with those who are hungry or thirsty, let someone sit in your seat or whatever.

Review your goals every day. To start becoming a good person, read this list and rethink your ideals on a daily basis. It has to become part of you. Observe the guidelines and also add some of your own passages.

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Try to look on the bright side of things. Face every single situation with optimism. Negativity will harm yourself and others. If you are pessimistic, it affects the way you treat people. The mind can have a big impact on your daily achievements. If something does not go as hoped, try to change what you can, smile, be optimistic and turn the page.
The motto of the Cristophers, a Christian association, reads: “Better to light a single candle than to curse the dark”. Be that candle. When you are faced with a dispute, take the reins of the situation in hand by suggesting a solution . Don’t just say what you would do, invite everyone to participate.

Do a good deed for someone. Every day, try to make a nice gesture for others, even if it is small. An act of kindness and generosity can have a big impact. Smile, keep the door open for someone. If one person does you a favor, pass the favor on to another, creating a kind of chain of goodness. In short, try to do something to brighten someone’s day.
Also lend a hand to people who have behaved coldly or indifferently towards you. Show what it means to be kind by setting a good example. Perhaps these people have always received grumpy treatment. Try to show them that there is an alternative.

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Promise yourself that you will work to improve the world every time you leave the house. Each interaction brings with it the opportunity to do something good and positive. It doesn’t have to be a blatant gesture, just pick up the litter that has been thrown in the park or in front of your neighbor’s house. Be conscientious and look for a way to give back to the world what it has given you. Here are some simple ideas to make a difference:

Buy organic and zero-kilometer foods
If you have a pet, take responsibility for it and clean when it gets dirty
Donate old items to shelters or charities rather than selling them to a second hand shop
If you are in the grocery store and you have chosen a product you did not want, put it back on the right shelf rather than leaving it where it happens
Do not occupy the parking lot closest to a shop entrance – leave it to someone who may need it more

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Slows. Do not hurry. Go slow and enjoy the little things. Time is a means that helps to organize the days. Sometimes you have to stick to schedules, like going to work or taking the kids to school at a certain time. But if you are not busy, learn to live in the moment. Be patient with others. Think the best of them instead of the worst. Don’t think the driver who hit you is an idiot: instead, try to understand that he may be late to go to work or to pick up his child . When you have to go to the supermarket, don’t rush it. Enjoy the city as you walk. When you are in the store, look at the variegated colors of the fruits and vegetables, remember that they contain essential nutrients for your body. Think that other people don’t have the same luck as you to be able to buy them and enjoy their benefits. Buy extra products (possibly healthy and nutritious) and donate them to a food bank for charity. Suggest that the store manager create a collection point for discounted foods for less fortunate people.
Only use the horn in an emergency situation. Don’t play it to rush an elderly gentleman who can barely see past the wheel or a particularly slow driver. Remember that he may take it easy to avoid harming himself or others. If someone overtakes you and runs, they may be in a hurry for an important date. However, even if this is not the case, why get angry and keep feeding negative feelings ? Anger only breeds more anger.

Practice forgiveness. Forgiving someone is not always easy. Understanding that others are human and make mistakes will help you get rid of negativity, causing you to forgive and move on [20] . When you forgive, you get rid of resentment, which can cause anger, bitterness, and inner turmoil. Forgiveness also makes you more charitable to others.

Be honest. Lies violate trust and destroy relationships. Instead of lying, be honest with those around you. Good people are sincere and direct when it comes to expressing their feelings and thoughts. Instead of lying or involving outside people, confront those who are bothering you. Don’t be passive-aggressive.
Try to have integrity. Make your words have value. If you say you will do something, then keep your promise. Should circumstances arise that prevent you from keeping your word, contact the person concerned to explain in an honest and direct way what happened [24] .Being honest doesn’t mean being rude or cruel.

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Make these small gestures a daily habit. Even the simplest actions, like smiling at someone or holding the door open for a stranger, will help you become a better person. Soon these little acts of kindness will become good habits and come naturally to you.

Be empathetic. Try to understand one thing: in general, having a loving and caring attitude towards others leads you to treat them in a kind, understanding and supportive way. Try putting yourself in others’ shoes and taking their point of view. Ask yourself, “How would I feel if I were the other person?” This will likely help you act with other people’s feelings in mind. This will then be reflected in your words and actions. Altruism must not be aimed at making a good impression on others, but at offering a real benefit.
If you just try to be diplomatic, this won’t work that much. Do not adopt a sterile policy such as “do anything for a quiet life”.

Accept everyone around you. In part, to be a good person you don’t have to judge. You must accept anyone, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or culture. Remember that everyone has feelings and should be treated with respect, every life is precious. Respect the elderly . Remember that someday you too will grow old and may need help. When you go to the mall, in a parking lot or elsewhere, look around to see if there is an elderly person in need who, for example, has problems carrying shopping bags or loading them in the car. Ask her: “Can I help you?”. You will be doing the not so young people a huge favor. There will be someone who will refuse your offer. In this case, say, “Excuse me, have a good day”. If you see a lonely elderly person when you are around, greet them with a kind smile and ask them how they are doing. Just recognizing the presence of someone to brighten up the day.
Be sympathetic to people with mental disabilities . They also have feelings. Give them a big smile and treat them as you would treat anyone else. If someone laughs at you when they see you interacting with these people, ignore them and don’t take your attention away from them, they are probably showing you a lot more respect.
Don’t be racist, homophobic or intolerant of other religions. The world is large and extremely diverse. Learn from others and welcome the differences.

Control anger. Try to control anger when arguing with someone. If you have a disagreement with a friend, don’t hide and don’t be rude. Talk to him to solve the problem. Better not to make the situation worse, maybe you suggest taking a break to think about it. He says, “I want to find a solution because you are a good friend. Let’s take some time to think about it.”
Don’t blame others. Accept your faults and explain to the person concerned why he hurt you. Blaming others causes negativity and resentment.
If you can’t get rid of anger, try writing down your feelings, meditating or controlling your thoughts.
Don’t try to calm the angry person by saying something irrational. Listen to it with empathy and remain silent. Tell him, “I’m sorry you feel this way, is there anything I can do to help you?”

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Compliment people. Saying something nice to others is an easy way to exude positivity. Compliment a co-worker on a new haircut or a passerby’s dog. Compliment those friends you are jealous of. Recognizing the merits of others means showing respect, on the other hand you too would like to be shown the same respect for your achievements. Learn to listen better. We rarely take the trouble to listen to others. Everyone wants to feel important and have a say. Stop for a moment to listen to the people. Follow the thread. Don’t get distracted by what’s going on around you and don’t play with your cell phone . Get involved with your interlocutor and the conversation. Ask questions focused on the topic being discussed: this will make him understand that you pay attention. Celebrate the victories and qualities of others. Be kind and generous to people, appreciate them for who they are. Rejoice for others when they achieve good results and do not envy them. Support and encourage them.
Envy is difficult to eradicate. Understand that you don’t have to have the same things as others. Work hard to stop being jealous.

Become an example of life . Live in a way that inspires others. Share your lifestyle and ideas. Look for people to lead by example. Pay attention to how you live, so that you always behave in a way that makes someone proud. Teach young people good moral values ​​and teach them the importance of ethics. At times it will seem like your efforts are in vain, but remember that you have planted a seed in their minds, so it may take some time for it to bear fruit.
Your good deeds will always inspire others to behave more positively. Setting a good example for another person and trying to be a role model can help you see your actions more clearly.
Start small. Join the Children’s Catholic Action, volunteer to coach a team of children, teach or be a life example for the younger members of your family.

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Share. Share what you have, your positivity and your happiness. Don’t be emotionally stingy. Be generous and encourage. Share your knowledge, your opportunities and your time. Share the food. Never take the slice of pizza or the largest slice of meat.

Respect everyone. Be fair to anyone. Treat everyone with kindness, don’t be obnoxious or rude, even when someone disagrees with you. Don’t be a bully. Instead, stand up for bullied victims.
Don’t speak ill of others. Be honest. If you have a problem with someone, deal with them respectfully. Don’t say bad things about him when he’s not there.
Don’t judge others unfairly. You don’t know their history. Give people the benefit of the doubt and respect their choices.
Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Remember the golden rule. Give the universe the energy you would like to receive.
Respect also extends to what surrounds you. Don’t throw litter on the floor, don’t purposely mess it up, and don’t talk too loudly or be unpleasant. Respect the fact that other people share the same space as you.

You can make mistakes, but never repeat the same ones. Learn from the past – this will help you become a stronger person.
Remember that happiness is a state of mind. In this world, the only thing you can control is yourself, so choose to be happy and in control by intentionally maintaining a positive mental attitude.
When someone tries to mortify you, don’t answer them the same way and don’t feel bad about it. Instead, have a laugh, take it lightly, or just tell him you’re sorry he sees it this way. This will show that you are far too smart to lower yourself to his level, and it will also prevent you from being harsh, aggressive, and a bad person. Finally, when it is clear that you are perfectly capable of handling the situation, even the attackers may retreat or no longer have an interest in insulting you.

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Remember that you are still a human being. For the rest of your life, you will make mistakes sooner or later. It’s not a problem. Do your best. If at times you are wrong or do not get the desired result, start from scratch and start thinking about others as much as about yourself.
Do what you can to approach everything with a good sense of humor, whether it’s the mistakes you’ve made or the sacrifices you feel are necessary to become a good person.
Understand that being kind and understanding is easier in theory than in practice, the important thing is to keep working on it.
If someone asks you for help to do something they should do on their own, don’t accept! This means cheating and you would teach the other person that it is okay to cheat.
The area of ​​interpersonal relationships (which you could probably improve) is often the one where you are least willing to admit that you are wrong. For this very reason, it can give you many benefits to deal with the fact that you may be making mistakes or being inappropriate in the way you relate to others or the way you treat them.


Source: WikiHow

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