Here is the spiritual meaning of unexpectedly finding a feather that fell from the sky

Has it ever happened to you that a feather has fallen flying right in front of you, without a bird nearby? There are those who think it could be a spiritual message . There are those who believe that the world is simply what we can see, touch, hear, smell and taste. But there are others for which the Universe is much larger than what we can access through the senses. For these people, we are and are surrounded by energy that we cannot see.

Feathers that appear in unexpected ways, from this perspective, could be a message from our guardian angel or spiritual guide. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily have content in itself, but it can simply be an indicator that we have taken the right path. In their most basic meaning, feathers symbolize the divine as they come from birds flying close to the sky. But they can also represent a sign of a loved one who is no longer on the physical plane, but sends us his presence, his embrace, his feelings. Also, it can have different meanings depending on the color:

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White: symbol of spirituality and protection.
Red – symbolizes energy and life. It is a harbinger of good times.
Blue – is related to communication and truth.
Yellow: it is related to instincts. It is the color of the intellect, the happiness and power of the sun.
Green: associated with emotions and relationships. Even with nature and fertility.
Orange: It is related to sexuality, optimism, ambitions and goals in life.

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Pink: Represents romantic thoughts, friendship and compassion.
Gray – symbolizes peace in times of chaos. It is connected with authenticity and truth.
Purple – connection with the Universe and the spiritual realm. It is the color of spirituality and growth.
Brown: represents the earth; Connects to home and friends.
Black – symbolizes mystical wisdom, protection and spirituality.
Now you know, the next time you find a feather, pay attention to its color to decode your spiritual guide’s message.


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