Quinton’s plasma: the natural remedy that comes from the sea that has saved thousands of lives

Among the waters present on our planet, sea water is certainly the most complete, because it contains practically all the elements existing in nature. Everyone recognizes that seawater has considerable beneficial properties and they have been recognized since ancient times. Our body is mainly composed of water and needs more water to replenish all the minerals and properties it contains. Furthermore, water is also the main element present on our planet. Sea water can have an antibacterial and revitalizing action.

In the early 20th century, after the discovery that the mineral composition of vertebrates was very similar to that of the ancient oceans, where life began, something changed. The idea began to arise that seawater could be used as a therapeutic additive.

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The first to talk about it in 1903 was the biochemist and physician Archibald Byron Macallum , founder of the first marine biology center in Canada. In his text On the Inorganic Composition of the Medusae, Aurelia flavidula and Cyanea Artica he addressed precisely this topic, while overseas the biologist René Quinton expounded the laws of the original constancy of the world in his famous treatise L’eau de mer, milieu organique (1904) . One of these laws is marine constancy: “Animal life tends to maintain its original conditions”.

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Life is born from water and it is something that accompanies us throughout life, the child in the first nine months of his life is immersed in the amniotic fluid, Quinton reached an intuition: “the composition of the internal liquid medium, blood and lymph , of all living organisms” – he hypothesized – “is physiologically similar to sea water” . But the science of the time mocked him, as evidence is lacking.

However, Quinton was not demoralized and tried to demonstrate his theory in a public place, the Pathological Physiology laboratory of the Collège de France . He carried out an experiment on a 10-kilogram dog, bled to death within four minutes and ended up in a coma. Soon after Quinton replaced the blood with 6.6 liters of seawater diluted with distilled water and the animal recovered.

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The experiment was repeated to demonstrate that sea water was just like blood, so as to confirm that it could not pose any danger by injecting it into a dog not exceeding its own weight. The animals all recovered within a few days and were more lively than before. It is as if they have an almost greater benefit in seawater than in their own blood.

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In subsequent research Quinton chemically discovered the equivalence between blood and sea water due to the nature of the salts, trace minerals and chemical properties, confirming again with even more certainty that nothing resembles human blood more than sea water. .

From 1906 to 1914, many hospitals called “marine dispensaries” sprang up in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and also in Egypt: this therapy saved thousands of people. Quinton did not aim to eliminate germs or bacteria, but thought of restore balance in the body to be able to keep it healthy. What is now called “homeostasis” serves precisely to keep our body in excellent condition. Quinton demonstrated this theory using his method by completely healing patients suffering from cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid , lichen or eczema, children who were starving, women who had several miscarriages.

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Quinton ‘s descendants continued to keep this method alive, French health reimbursed Quinton’s marine plasma until 1975, but interest in this technique has drastically decreased. The water being rich in oligominerals and mineral salts reactivates the circulation, stimulates the metabolism and the stimulation and elimination activities. Not only was Quinton able to save thousands of lives, but he also discovered a process of extracting and transforming sea water called the Quinton Process.

The water is pumped by marine eddies away from the coast, sterilizing it with cold microfiltration, not using the deodorization process, which allows in the removal of sodium by electrolysis, which induces heating. Exceeding 40° there is the risk of altering the sea water, with the appearance of free radicals which can create the opposite effect and therefore be harmful. The subsequent cold filtration processes allow to eliminate any residual microbacterial load.

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This process produced two types of seawater:

isotonic Quinton Plasma , with the same salt concentration as the human body. A decrease in concentration is made possible by dilution with low mineralization spring water in order not to interrupt the interactions of the minerals. This water allows cells to absorb nutrients. The body can then eliminate toxins and renew cells in the extracellular tissue. This injectable Quinton plasma was prescribed and reimbursed until 1982.

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hypertonic Quinton’s Plasma, undiluted. Seawater is more concentrated in salt than the human body, this causes a pressure that prevents the cells from opening their walls. This type of plasma helps fight fatigue, stress and depression.
Therefore, Quinton’s Plasma is pure ocean water, cold sterilized.

There are really many areas in which the intake or cutaneous application of Quinton’s plasma is recommended:
– Against acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, urticaria and so on…
– Against mouth ulcers, colitis, irritable bowel, diarrhea, gastritis, gastroenteritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.
– andropause, sexual asthenia, candidiasis, premenstrual syndrome, menopause;
and in many other areas, such as pediatrics, the endocrine system, the skeletal system, the respiratory tract, obesity and so on.

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Quinton’s plasma can be drunk on an empty stomach and helps fight: dermatitis, psoriasis, food allergies, rhinitis and sinusitis, osteoporosis, rheumatic pain, asthenia and depressive syndromes.

Unfortunately Quinton Océan Thérapie went bankrupt in 1996. Other European countries had also started producing marine plasma, but the quality of these products does not allow their use without risk, and does not offer complete therapeutic efficacy. After three years of research in the United States, Quinton America was born in 2000 , thanks to the efforts of Dr. Bliss. It has managed to combine science and tradition to offer an effective product, rich in nutrients, without bacteria that can not only make the product itself ineffective, but also dangerous.

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