What are the dangerous physical exercises that are best avoided if you don’t know how to do them correctly

We all know that exercise is good for you. Yet, according to the  WebMD report , also approved by the pathologist Ratini , while e.g. Pilates , Yoga , walking are considered ideal forms of exercise, the following exercises may be best avoided. In fact, the article explains why:

This exercise program can be effective in burning calories when done correctly. However, you need to do it right to avoid getting hit with dangerous injuries. CrossFit movements are meant to physically push you to the limit, and while that might be great for some, it definitely isn’t for everyone.

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Not a bad exercise, but definitely not recommended if you have lower back and lower back problems. Biting puts pressure on the lower spine. They can also “tighten” the muscles you use to sit up. They can put a strain on the spine. If you want toned abs ask a trainer for other moves you can try that won’t hurt your back.

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Local Fat Reduction Exercises
If you want to target belly fat, you should only be doing crunches, right? Mistake! You cannot zero out any single fat area when you exercise. This is a myth. The best approach, experts say, is to exercise the whole body. It’s general fitness, not focusing on specific areas, that burns the most fat.

Weight Lifting Exercise
Weight training strengthens muscles, core and accelerates fat burning. However, a very good technique is required to avoid harming your body. Particularly dangerous movements include:

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Excessively increasing the weight with which you train;

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bad posture;

Skip the warm-up;

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Weightlifting without a spotter (safety bar);

Plyometric Training
Plyometrics (jump training) is a form of exercise that works on muscle strength and explosiveness with a series of jumps. When done correctly, it builds strong leg muscles. But it’s easy to make a mistake, especially if you make it yourself. Landing badly can cause injury, including joint problems. Before you begin, talk to an instructor to see if this exercise is right for you.

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