Tourist falls into Vesuvius volcano to retrieve his smartphone “he risked a flight of 300 meters for a selfie”

Although the upper area of ​​the crater of the Vesuvius volcano has long been forbidden to travel alone, an American tourist has decided to access it, putting his life at risk:

According to what is learned from Italian journalistic sources, it was 15:00 when the service team of the volcanological guides spotted two people on the upper part of the crater, noting that one of them had practically slipped into Vesuvius . According to a first reconstruction of the incident, a young American tourist, after trying to take a selfie, lost control of the smartphone which slipped into the volcano. In an attempt to recover the device, the tourist also fell into the crater . “Four volcanological guides – the volcanological guides announced – started immediately and, arriving on the spot, one of them was lowered with a rope for about fifteen meters to allow them to secure the inexperienced tourist, who risked making a flight of over 300 meters ”. It’s still:

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“The boy was brought to safety by our guides who then also provided him with the first treatment, as he had multiple bruises on his legs, arms and back. Only later did the forest police arrive, alerted by a friend of the tourist, who took over the man to take him to the barracks and report him. So – the volcanological guides explained-, recognizing the promptness and professionalism shown also on this occasion seemed to me the right thing to do. Having spoken directly with those who gave the rescue, I can safely say that last Saturday (9 July) on Vesuvius they saved a human life. I officially thank the whole group of guides belonging to the Permanent Volcano Vesuvius Presidium, always ready and operational in any condition ”.

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